Summer Snow … Who Is This Guy?


Being an avid fan of Thoroughbreds and horse racing, I just had to do a little research on Summer Snow to see what I could find out about him.  Summer Snow was bred in AZ in 2004.  He first competed in 2007 at Los Alamitos Race Track in CA.  He broke his way out of the Maiden ranks of racing by winning his second career start.  He got 3rd in his first race, but racehorses have to win to move out of  the Maiden racing level.  Most of his racing career has been spent at tracks in the Southwestern part of the US, with a few visits to the Northwest racing at Emerald Downs in 2012.

I was curious to see if I could find video of him racing and at Equibase there were videos of all but 2 of his races.  Those were fun to watch.  What I came away thinking was that Summer Snow was an eager competitor with a level head. He could handle a lot of different track conditions, placed in sloppy mud and dry conditions, was a good citizen loading into the gate, stood calmly, started strong, seemed to have a long smooth stride, and he wasn’t afraid of a challenge.  He has 6 career wins, 5 seconds, and 5 thirds, to his credit. In 2012 he competed 7 times with 1 win, 2 seconds, and 1 third to his credit.  He has competed at 8 different tracks over his racing career, and he’s even had a female jockey! A horse that can handle that much change over such a long career and have such a gentle personality is special.  I am going with my original assessment of gentle giant!

Meanwhile… Devin was checking him out to see how he was on the ground around Blue Rider Farm.  He is getting his feet done on Weds, so until then he is doing some ground work and investigation of his current digs.  Devin took him for a walk around the place, “Hummm, tractor, seen a few of those!”


His demeanor is so quiet Devin decided to walk him over some poles and see what he would think of that.  Too easy! No challenge. So how about a blue tarp? Could he handle walking on one of those? Still too easy! Next she decided to have some fun and see what he would think of a tarp with a flower box on it.  No big deal… he is showing off his inner trail horse now!


Finally, his last activity of the tour involved meeting Beemer, a fellow alumni of Emerald Downs.  They had a good initial chat and parted on good terms.



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As a teacher, photographer, digital storyteller, and writer I explore the images of my worlds and create blogs for each separate aspect of my life. My professional life includes blogs related to digital story telling with adult learners and integration of technology in the classroom. My personal blogs deal with the horses in my life: The story of Picasso Moon focuses on the future as it unfolds for a 3 year old horse moving forward from a rescue situation. His story will involve the characters he meets, natural horsemanship training, and his social development. Beau's Journey is about my blind horse and how he came to continue living a happy full life when he lost his eye sight. Beau has a sketch of him featured in the movie, War Horse. My personal and professional life combine in the Horse I Ching blog with is based on the Horse I Ching iPhone/iPad Ap that features my photography and writing. Horse I Ching is based on the iPhone App created using my photography and writing efforts. And finally, I keep a blog of my mother's poetry. She is 91 an thinks it cool to have a blog. Her words can be found on the Galloping Manifestations blog.
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2 Responses to Summer Snow … Who Is This Guy?

  1. debbie b says:

    Love this Alise! You are so talented in so many ways and love that you share those talents with us! Thank you!

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