5 Indgredients To Finding The Perfect Horse Partner

Trot-R-Lead-Arena-3RA few months back, Devin published an article in Flying Changes Magazine about the 5 thing to look for when selecting am equine partner.  She identified the factors that she emphasizes as being the key to finding the best horse and rider combination.  Her article begins with these thoughts:

As a horse professional, I’ve spent the last 10 years buying and selling horses in the Pacific Northwest and California. After years of talking with buyers and seeing for myself what kind of horses sell and for how much, I’ve found that there are five important factors to determining the price of a horse: age, soundness, talent, temperament and training.
While everyone should seek out these five qualities, even if you have an unlimited budget for horses, you may not find a mount with everything. Horses are living creatures, not built in a factory; and while near-perfect horses exist, they often aren’t for sale. For most of us, money is a factor and we have to prioritize the characteristics we are looking for, plus be realistic about the quality of horse we can find for the price we are willing to spend.


The complete article may be found by clicking here.




About Alise Lamoreaux

As a teacher, photographer, digital storyteller, and writer I explore the images of my worlds and create blogs for each separate aspect of my life. My professional life includes blogs related to digital story telling with adult learners and integration of technology in the classroom. My personal blogs deal with the horses in my life: The story of Picasso Moon focuses on the future as it unfolds for a 3 year old horse moving forward from a rescue situation. His story will involve the characters he meets, natural horsemanship training, and his social development. Beau's Journey is about my blind horse and how he came to continue living a happy full life when he lost his eye sight. Beau has a sketch of him featured in the movie, War Horse. My personal and professional life combine in the Horse I Ching blog with is based on the Horse I Ching iPhone/iPad Ap that features my photography and writing. Horse I Ching is based on the iPhone App created using my photography and writing efforts. And finally, I keep a blog of my mother's poetry. She is 91 an thinks it cool to have a blog. Her words can be found on the Galloping Manifestations blog.
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