Show Time!

Show-Ribbon-FaceSummer Snow’s First Hunter Derby

  • Devin’s Comments:

    Rainier, oh excuse me, Summer Snow, exceeded all expectations for his first show.  We were a bit late to enter him in the cross rail division, but no matter, the two foot hunter derby was well within his comfort zone.  He was steady in the flat class, honest and willing over fences, and as relaxed as a horse could get tied to the trailer for several hours waiting for me to finish coaching.  The first show for a green horse is always a big question mark, and the day could have been simply a haul in, walk around, watch, and haul out, but Rainier was the same horse at the show that he is at home, and made it even more clear what an exceptional mind and level headed personality he has.  That combined with his gradual education on the flat and over many varieties of fences made for a super successful day over fairly technical courses and spooky fences.  The judge liked him, and said he looked like he had scope and a very good mind, just that he was green.  When I told her his story, she was really impressed how far along he was in such a short time!  To those who are interested in him, he is now available for sale, and you can influence the last month of training before the show on October 5th if you have a particular sport in mind for the big grey guy! Special thanks to Hydie Lown for sponsoring Rainier’s entries at the Derby at Wildtree Farm in Yoncolla, OR. Show-Riding-Smile


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