The 100 Day Challenge… Show Time



It’s hard to believe… it’s over.  The 100 Day Challenge has come and gone and so has Summer Snow…

Here are Devin’s parting thoughts from her post on Blue Rider Farm’s Facebook page:

The Trainer Challenge is complete, and Rainier and I got third place. After an hour trying to jump the wrong battery (did you know diesel trucks have two batteries?) we hit the road and got there in time! A gorgeous day, five wonderful challenge horses and trainers, and five very different performances made everyone a winner in my eyes. A huge thank you to Kristin Brenner who came on this epic adventure and who I couldn’t have survived without (literally, I would not have eaten or drank a thing). Our showcase had a little excitement on my around the world, as Rainier wasn’t a statue like he’s always been at home, but otherwise jumped well, got his changes, and showed off some fancy lateral work for the audience. Rainier is headed back to Yakima with his owners, and will remain for sale there. He will make someone a lovely dressage or low level jumper, and I have no doubt will win them over like he did everyone he met at Blue Rider Farm.

And here is video from the event…

And here’s an article that Chesna put together for EN about the challenge.

Summer Snow, it’s been a pleasure knowing you!


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