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As a teacher, photographer, digital storyteller, and writer I explore the images of my worlds and create blogs for each separate aspect of my life. My professional life includes blogs related to digital story telling with adult learners and integration of technology in the classroom. My personal blogs deal with the horses in my life: The story of Picasso Moon focuses on the future as it unfolds for a 3 year old horse moving forward from a rescue situation. His story will involve the characters he meets, natural horsemanship training, and his social development. Beau's Journey is about my blind horse and how he came to continue living a happy full life when he lost his eye sight. Beau has a sketch of him featured in the movie, War Horse. My personal and professional life combine in the Horse I Ching blog with is based on the Horse I Ching iPhone/iPad Ap that features my photography and writing. Horse I Ching is based on the iPhone App created using my photography and writing efforts. And finally, I keep a blog of my mother's poetry. She is 91 an thinks it cool to have a blog. Her words can be found on the Galloping Manifestations blog.

The 100 Day Challenge… Show Time

  It’s hard to believe… it’s over.  The 100 Day Challenge has come and gone and so has Summer Snow… Here are Devin’s parting thoughts from her post on Blue Rider Farm’s Facebook page: The Trainer Challenge is complete, and … Continue reading

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Day 98 out of 100

As the 100th day draws near, we take a few moments to reflect on what a ride Summer Snow has taken us on.  So many “firsts” and so many successes.  Here are Devin’s parting thoughts as she gets ready to … Continue reading

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Vote For Summer Summer Snow!

Looks like Emerald Downs has a poll going for favorite OTTB and trainer in the 100 Day Challenge!! If you love Summer Snow as much as we do, get out and vote!! Click here to go to Emerald Downs Challenge … Continue reading

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The Value Of A Great Mind

It is not enough to have a good mind: the main thing is to use it well. ~Rene Descartes For those of us who have gotten to know Summer Snow (Rainier) over the past 85 days, the next 15 days … Continue reading

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Show Time!

Summer Snow’s First Hunter Derby Devin’s Comments: Rainier, oh excuse me, Summer Snow, exceeded all expectations for his first show.  We were a bit late to enter him in the cross rail division, but no matter, the two foot hunter … Continue reading

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Someone New

There comes a point in a horse’s training when the trainer needs to step aside and assess what skills the horse is able to transfer to another rider.  It is one thing for a horse to be able to perform … Continue reading

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First 4 Weeks: A Photographic Review

How much can an OTTB learn in the first four weeks of training?  Here is a look back over Summer Snow’s (Rainier) journey through the lens of my camera.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, Rainier is getting … Continue reading

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